Paintball Shop / Skirmish Gear

Paintballing at Skirmish Samford and you want some personal gear well we have it on site for you

  Description Price   Descrption Price
Grion Cup Grion Cup $5.00 Jt Raptor Goggle Jt Raptor Goggle with Single Lense S32.00
Fingerless gloves Fingerless Gloves $5.00 Jt Headshield Jt Head Sheild with Single Lens $37.00
Neck Guard Neck Guard $3.00 Jt Proshield Jt Proshield black or olivewith thermal lenss $59.00
Asset protection pack

Asset Protection Pack

includes groin cup, neck protector and fingerless goloves

$15.00 Jt Flex8 Jt Flex8 black or olive with thermal lens $69.00
Bt Chest Protector

If you want your own personel under armour for playing this is it

$55.00 Jt Flex8 full headshiled Jt Flex8 Full coverage black or olive with thermal lens $120.00
Invert avatar

Invert Avatar black or Olive with thermal lens.

$50.00 Jt vortex fan 2

Jt Vortex Fan 2

Fitts all the above Jt Googles