Samford Paintball Tournament Arena

  • Are you looking for the next challenging level of paintball?
  • Do you have several games experience and hunger for something more?
  • Then come and see our dedicated tournament arena that could put you on the winners podium on a national level

  • 2000m of flat grassed area
  • Trainings days that will get your ready for the tournament level
  • Separate safe area close to all the action
  • Fast and furious paintball action
  • See your team's name on trophies
  • Professional Refferees to make sure the game is fair

4play:This is our entry level tournament where we randomly pick teams. Each team consists of 1 Novice, 1 Amateur, 1 Semi-Pro and 1 Pro Player. The idea of these tournaments is for players to have a fun day playing as well as getting some experience playing with guys who have been playing for years.

Samford Race Day:This tournament is a team based tournament. It doesn't matter if you don't have a team though, because we can arrange for you to join a team for the day. This is a fast paced tournament where teams have 7 minutes to reach 3 points.

Glory waits you!

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