Paintballing Videos

Join the battle at Paintball Samford. Under intense paintball fire with hostiles closing in on you position,
would you fight or flight?
The next evolution in paintball has spawned at Paintball Samford. Brisbane's best paintball just went to a whole new interactive level. The "Battle Bunker" immerses the player into the action. 6 firing ports ensure an interlocking defensive fire that has only 1 weakness and the assaulting team must exploit it. A well placed shot will close the firing ports' blast doors, denying the defenders the use of the firing port and it's defensive fire. When all 6 blast doors have shut rendering the firing ports inert. The assaulting team must then neutralize the rapier Air Defence system. The ensuring explosion and destruction of the "Battle Bunker" will leave a gap in the defences for the assaulting team to exploit and ensure the success of "Operation Grand Slam" Can your troops take down the "Battle Bunker" and secure victory? Music Title Kevin MacLeod (
3minutes 42 seconds the brave souls held the battle bunker while protecting the Rapier missile as it scanned the air ways. How long can your team hold it? Only at Paintball Samford were the next evolution in paintball has begun.... Join the battle today
At Paintball Samford your mission brief is to complete Stage 1 Take out the Iron Dome that is scanning the sky for aircraft by hitting the control points. This stage of the Operation takes the player to new levels and adds a new dimension to the game of paintball.
Be advised that during this you have to avoid incoming fire and engage the opposition
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